Collaborations / Client Projects

Using my style & approach to craft imagery based on a brand, story, or colors as a starting point to create something even bigger and more meaningful for who it is intended for. I'm always open to commissions, collaborations, & community projects, so reach out!


Mural / Illustration

The Marlins

When the Miami Marlins changed their logo and colors to reimagine what it means and looks like to be Miami's baseball team, I was one of 8 artists commissioned to paint a mural bringing the new brand to life by interpreting Miami through my style - using the Marlin’s new colors.

Live Activation

Moleskin / Titan Walls

Painted a temporary wall made out of Moleskin Notebooks that was then made interactive at the end of the event (Titan Walls in Chicago, IL) by letting all attendees take a notebook. Every notebook had a unique and balanced design on its cover due to the way I paint.

Community Mural COllaboration

Gaithersburg Skatepark

The Gaithersburg, MD (where I grew up) Parks Department needed to bring new life into the skatepark and comissioned me to paint a mural that involved the community. Discussion sessions were held with skaters, regulars, and employees of the skatepark where we talked about overall themes based on their experiences and love for the skatepark - every element in the design was directly informed by community.

Community Beautification

School Murals

Painting murals at schools is one of my absolute favorite things. Beyond transfroming the environment to one full of color to take pride in, the experience of getting to see first-hand and learn the process of how something larger than life gets created can inspire the next generation to take on any challenge - art or otherwise.

The murals below are all located at schools (1. Elementary School in Miami, FL, 2. Elementary School in Ft.Lauderdale, FL, 3. Elementary School in Iowa CIty, IA, 4. High School in Miami, FL, 5. Middle School in Miami, FL, 6. Elementary in Laytonsville, MD (My elementary school)

Full Environment Transformation

Miami Zoo

Full environmental transformation at the Miami Zoo's Amazon & Beyond exhibit.


Eureka Fire Department

To celebrate the arrival of a new fire chief and new life for the department, Eureka Street Art Festival enlisted me to bring new life to the fire department through my specific style and approach to utilizing space.

Live Painting

Miami Heat

Painted live for the annual Miami Heat Family Festival - this painting now hangs in a boardroom in their front office.

Installations & Live Painting

Ground Up Festival

Created installations & painted a temporary mural live each year at the GroundUp Music Festival in Miami Beach. I was the sole visual artist represented alongside all world-classic virtuousic musicians.

Illustration & Custom Art

Gig Posters & Album Covers

It is always a pleasure to be hired to design merchandise or album art work for artists that have inspired and continue to inspire me.